Track Days

Our circuit days are run at the Circuito de Guadix which is about 50 miles from Granada. The circuit is operated by a British and Spanish team led by a British ex racing driver. Our trackdays normally give us exclusive use of the circuit

Trackdays at the circuit are carefully run to ensure you have a great day and most importantly a safe day.

After arrival you will be briefed about the circuit, the flag signals that will be used and the etiquette of circuit driving. After signing a standard disclaimer the next step is installation laps where you will follow a lead car around the circuit to learn the cornering lines and braking points. If this all seems a bit much – don’t worry; professional racing drivers are on hand all day to give tuition to novices and experienced drivers alike.

Typically trackdays work with an open pit lane. This means you go out as often as you like for as long as you like. During breaks to give the car a rest you can watch others progress from the pit wall or the control tower from where you have a view of most of the circuit.

Usually we break for lunch for about an hour or so, there are good value restaurants nearby and fuel is also about a mile away.

Circuit driving is a great way to explore what you and your car can do in safety, but beware – it can be addictive and a number of racing drivers did their first trackday at Guadix – did we mention that Lewis Hamilton trained there as well in earlier years?

If you’re worried about getting trackday insurance we have links with a company that can help. Don’t want to take your car on track but keen to have a go? With prior notice we can arrange cars such as a Ginetta G15 to hire. Don’t have a helmet? – you can hire one too.

Remember at our trackdays there is no charge for extra drivers so if two people want to share a car – you only pay once.

If your group don’t want to drive on circuit but want to experience the thrills of circuit driving, we can organise experiences where you can be driven on circuit by a professional racing driver in a Supercar such as the Lamborghini Gallardo or Ferrari F355.

All too soon the chequered flag comes out and we retreat to the hotel to review the day – often the instructors come as well to make sure the boasting doesn’t get out of hand!